Patrizia Nelli

As Scientific Secretary Coordinator at the Istituto Nazionale per la Cura e lo Studio dei Tumori di Milano she participated to different national and international courses concerning the management of clinical studies and research. Since December 2003 she has been working as the Director’s Assistant for the clinical and academic part of the Department of Neurology-Stroke Unit , in the scientific administrative office for the development of databases, research projects, management of patients in the Registro Lombardo Malattie Rare, preparation of ECM courses, bibliographic researches, and the coordination of the activities of the “Dino Ferrari” Center Section. She is responsible of the organization of the Laboratory of Neuroscience in contact with European and Nord-American international scientific organizations for what concerns research projects. She liaises with several other Patient Associations as AISLA, “Aldo Perini” Association, AMP-Parkinson Lombardia and Associazione Italiana Corea di Huntington (AICH). Furthermore, she organizes the day hospital (DH) devoted to patients affected by Motor neuron Diseases (ALS) and Fronto Temporal Dementia (FTD).